Dear Parents,

When I think of Somis PFO and why we would like for you to join and be a part of the organization, I think of this fact the most: Over 500 independent studies show that when parents are involved in their children’s education, it makes a tremendous difference to not only grades and testing, but their attitude and discipline about school. Our ultimate goal is to instill in our children a LOVE OF LEARNING

Why do we fund-raise? We want to be able to provide fun activities, art programs, outdoor garden classroom, community gatherings, but also things the school badly needs (like a new Marquee) so that our kids would love to learn, be proud of their school and love to come to school. 

Why do we meet, get involved and volunteer? We want to have our children see how much we love our school, our teachers, and take pride in our community. This can only foster and instill in our children a love of learning and community.

When our kids love to learn they will be a success to not only you and your family, but to our community and the world.

So, come and help us love our Somis Stars and help instill in them a Love of Learning.


Chua Jubb

2017-2018 PFO President

Somis PFO Members:

The Anderson Family, The Lozano Family, The Espitia Family, The Keown Family, The Walters Family, The Bean Family, The Wayman Family, The Cuevas-Gonzalez Family, The Porter Family, The Helm Family, The Bloomer Family, The Menchaca-Fierro Family, Joselyn Guitierrez Family, The Kuhn Family, Amber Garcia Family, Jacqueline Guitierrez Family, Zecua Family, Zepeda Family,

Somis PFO Comet Members:

The Wright Family, The Chaput Family, The Wallace Family, The Mitchell Family, The Hacobian Family, The Calhoun Family, and The Jubb Family