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Board Agendas & Minutes


Unless otherwise indicated below ( Special Board Meeting dates are italics), Regular meetings are held on the SECOND TUESDAY of each month starting with Closed Session at 6:15 p.m. in the Somis Union School District’s Library. Open Session begins at 7:00 p.m., 5268 North Street, Somis. Meeting agendas are posted 72 hours prior to Board meeting dates. Agendas are posted to this website and at the entrance to the Somis Union School District, 5268 North Street, Somis. A full agenda packet, with back-up materials, is available for public review at this location. Meeting minutes will be posted to this website upon their approval.

Public Hearings are posted here: 

Governance Meetings – 4th Tuesday of Quarterly Months

July 2016Dark
August 9, 2016AgendaMinutes
September 21, 2016AgendaMinutes
October 11, 2016AgendaMinutes
October 25, 2015-Governance MeetingAgendaMinutes
November 14, 2016AgendaMinutes
December 13, 2016AgendaMinutes
January 10, 2017AgendaMinutes
January 25, 2017-Governance MeetingAgendaMinutes
February 14, 2017AgendaMinutes
March 14, 2017AgendaMinutes
April 4, 2017AgendaMinutes
April 26, 2017-Governance MeetingAgendaMinutes
May 9, 2017AgendaMinutes
June 13, 2017AgendaMinutes
June 15, 2017AgendaMinutes