Section 6000 Instruction

Concepts and Roles6000BP
Goals and Objectives6010BP
Academic Standards6011BP
Parent Involvement6020BPAR
Integrated Academic and Vocational Instruction6030BP
School Calendar6111BP
School Day6112BPAR
Ceremonies and Observances6115BPAR
Classroom Interrruptions6116BPAR
Curriculum Development and Evaluation6141BPAR
Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs6141.2BPAR
Multicultural Education6141.6BP
Family Life/Sex Education6142.1BPAR
Learning through Community Service6142.4BP
Visual and Preforming Arts Education6142.6BP
Physical Education6142.7BPAR
Comprehensive Health Education6142.8BPAR
Reading/Language Arts Instruction6142.91BPAR
Mathematics Instruction6142.92BP
Science Instruction6142.93BP
History-Social Science Instruction6142.94BP
Courses of Study6143BPAR
Controversial Issues6144BPAR
Extracurricular and Cocurricular Activities6145BPAR
Athletic Competition6145.2BPAR
Student Organizations and Equal Access6145.5BPAR
Assemblies and Special Events6145.8BP
High School Graduation Requirements6146.1BP
Elementary/Middle School Graduation Requirements6146.5BP
Class Size6151BPAR
Class Assignment6152BP
School-Sponsored Trips6153BPAR
Homework/Makeup Work6154BPAR
Independent Study6158BPAR
Individualized Education Program (IEP)6159BPAR
Special Education6159.1BPAR
Nonpublic Nonsectarian School and Agency Services for Special Education6159.2BPAR
Behavior Interventions for Special Education Students6159.4AR
Equipment, Books and Materials6161BPAR
Selection and Evaluation of Instructional Materials6161.1BPARE
Supplementary Instructional Materials6161.11BP
Damaged or Lost Instructional Materials6161.2BP
Toxic Art Supplies6161.3BP
Student Aides6162.31BPAR
Student Assessment6162.5BP
Standardized Testing and Reporting Program6162.51BPAR
High School Exit Examination6162.52BPAR
Test Integrity/Test Preparation6162.54BP
Use of Copyrighted Materials6162.6BPAR
Use of Technology in Instruction6162.7BPAR
Library Media6163.1BP
Animals at School6163.2BPAR
Students Use of Technology6163.4BPAR
Guidance/Counseling Services6164.2BPAR
Identification of Individuals for Special Education6164.4BPAR
Identification and Education under Section 5046164.6BPAR
Transitional Kindergarten6170.1BP
Title I Programs6171BPAR
Gifted and Talented Student Program6172BPAR
Education for Homeless Children6173BPARE
Education for Foster Children6173.1BPAR
Education of Children of Military Families6173.2BPAR
Education for Juvenile Court School Students6173.3AR
Education for English Language Learners6174BPAR
Migrant Education Program6175BPAR
Summer School6177BP
Supplemental Instruction6179BP
Home and Hospital Instruction6183AR
Evaluation of the Instructional Program6190BP