Section 3000 Business and Noninstructional Operations

Concepts and Roles3000BP
Transfer of Funds3110AR
Deferred Maintenance Funds3111BP
Lottery Funds3220.1BP
Federal Grant Funds3230BPAR
Transportation Fees3250BPAR
Fees and Charges3260BPAR
Sale and Disposal of Books, Equipment and Supplies3270BPAR
Sale, Lease, Rental of District-Owned Real Property3280BPAR
Gifts, Grants and Bequests (does not include state or federal funds)3290BP
Expenditures/Expending Authority3300BP
Purchasing Procedures3310BPAR
Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Procedures3311.1BP
Educational Travel Program Contracts3312.2BPAR
Payment of Goods and Services3314BPAR
Revolving Funds3314.2BP
Relations with Vendors3315BP
Claims and Actions against the District3320BPAR
Travel Expenses3350BP
Management of District Assets/Accounts (includes systems, encumbering, audits)3400BPAR
Petty Cash Funds3451AR
Student Activity Funds3452BP
Financial Reports and Accountability3460BPAR
Debt Issuance and Management3470BP
Transportation Fees3510BP
Energy and Water Conservation3511BPAR
Equipment (including instructional equipment)3512ARE
Tobacco-Free Schools3513.3BPAR
Drug and Alcohol Free Schools3513.4BP
Environmental Safety3514BPAR
Hazardous Substances3514.1BPAR
Integrated Pest Management3514.2AR
Campus Security3515BPAR
Crime Data Reporting3515.1AR
Recovery of Property Loss or Damage3515.4BPAR
Sex Offender Notification3515.5BP
Criminal Background Checks for Contractors3515.6AR
Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness Plan3516BPAR
Fire Drills and Fires3516.1AR
Bomb Threats3516.2AR
Earthquake Emergency Procedure System3516.3AR
Emergency Schedules3516.5BP
Facilities Inspection3517BPAR
Risk Management/Insurance3530BPAR
Transportation (cf.3250)3540BPAR
Transportation Routes and Services3541AR
Transportation for School-Related Trips3541.1ARE
Transportation for Students with Disabilities3541.2BPAR
School Bus Drivers3542AR
Transportation Safety and Emergencies3543AR
Food Service/Child Nutrition Program3550BPAR
Food Service Operations/Cafeteria Fund3551BPAR
Free and Reduced Price Meals3553BPAR
Other Food Sales3554BPAR
District Records3580BPAR